And the Band Played on. PT 1

And the Band Played on.  PT 1

It dawned on me last night.  That even with all the technology at our disposal, with out foundational values like Integrity, and Ethics. And manifesting those values in both the personal and professional life, the very premise of what they promised is completely worthless.  You’re probably sitting there and thinking, “Well Duh!” But allow me to explain.  Last night, for a brief moment in time was everything you could ever want it to be.  It was a gentle night. Warm, but not too hot.  A night buoyed by a small intimate crowd with laughter from the candle lit tables and live music. “Live,” but not too loud. In fact, you could honestly say it was “Muted” when compared to the bustling traffic of the main street thoroughfare that served as our backdrop.

It was an open-air venue, complete with people on the sidewalk off the premises dancing to the music.  A few children that were brought into the restaurant, accompanying their parents for dinner, were dancing beside their table.  While under the watchful eye of Mom and Dad.  And other children still, in slightly older generations that came before them, danced in the open areas available to all.  If Norman Rockwell were alive today, he would have graced all with a painting of that moment presented before him.  For those few hours, save for a few minutes, it was the dream of life from the fifties projected into 2014.  It was the long sought, Utopia.

I was there, for those brief moments. I witnessed it, I reveled in it, and I was saddened by it as well. 

It was in the late 40’s and onto the 50’s of our time that generations previous to our own, dared to dream about “Utopia.”  Those who dared, saw a world where technology was presented to each and everyone of us.  And it was done so to make life, their life, your life and my life, easier.  What they could not see was the often heavy burden of that exchange.  The struggle of the “give and take” of what that beautiful dream, once pursued to reality would actually mean.  Not just what it would give to us as a society on the whole, to make our lives simpler and easier?  But what it would take away from our lives, and from a civilization at large, to make that dream a reality. 

What we were asked to give away, was our Ethics both personal and professional and along with it although all unbeknownst to us, our Integrity as well.  Though we still maintain our high moral standard.  Those morals are mounted up, on the walls where they can be seen each and every day. Placed high near the ceilings in our offices and our homes, and dusted as if they too were a cherished item framed in reverence above all.

I sat in the misted of all this, as a mere guest in wondrous awe at the displays of what truly are the joys of life before me.  The event was planned, days in advance for a 3 hour venue, 6:30PM to 9:30PM.  The “Front Man” and lead singer of the band played enthusiastically to the crowd.  At one point during a break, the Band took the time to acknowledge an audience member, a young child Eve.  Ms. Eve, had seen the band play only a week before with her parents, and she took the time to write the band a note of fan mail which included a drawing of the band as they played, and a note telling how much she loved hearing them.  The band also interrupted their set a little later in the evening.  And lead those in attendance by singing “Happy Birthday” to Mellissa, young woman who happened to be celebrating her birthday that evening with her family.

Like I said at the beginning.  It was a great night a night that memories a just waiting for,  a small and joyous crowd filled with laughter, music, and dancing.  And all choreographed with a warm soft nights breeze, that effortlessly moved the days burdens away… But the clouds do roll in, and this time those clouds wore a uniform.

PT. 1


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