Fundraiser ANYONE ??

Fundraiser ANYONE ??

After retaining an expert in Public Relations.  Doors that were once closed, have been not only kicked wide open but removed form the hinges as well.

BUT – Before I tell you about that, I would like to give a HUGE shout out to my good friend, Jennifer McVey.  Today March, 7th, 2014.  Ms. McVey has announced that she will be a regular contributor to KMIR in Palm Spring.  Ms. McVey has been my sounding board, confidant and advisor.  I could not be prouder of her and her accomplishments !!

Way To Go Jennifer !!!  Congratulations !  

And may this be a stepping stone to a much larger success for you !!

OK – Where was I ?  OH !!  Public Relations, Doors kicked down..  I guess you could say I had reached a Milestone.  I had an idea, I talked it over with Jennifer during lunch one day.  And I decided to see if I could make it a reality.  I wrote a Business Plan, Researched the possibilities, and studied the fields of this endeavor for which I had absolutely no experience operating in.

And then I did it.  I formed a Not-For-Profit Company to help Veterans suffering from the effects of PTSD.  You know it as .  I put it together, I planned the financials, looked at many aspects needed.  Equipment, Computers, Office Space and Locations as well as how I could facilitate this project to not only help Veterans, but others in need of help. And others still, driven to help those in need.  It sounds lofty, but in reality it’s a giant machine that needs a whole lot of gears to work.

And Alison Elsner with AEPR in Palm Springs is a very important gear in this machine. Ms. Elsner runs “AEPR” or :

Alison Elsner Public Relations

And she is AMAZING !!

We have just concluded a meeting with the American Legion Post 519 in Palm Springs where we will hold our first ever fund raising event.  Mr. Pete Pilittere, Mr. Albert Martinez and Mr. Rick Noyce, these gentlemen and this organization has been nothing short of Amazing !!  AND we even have future events planned and outlined with them, it’s just that good.

We are also going to have entertainment provided by Mr. Steve Ditullio.  Mr. Ditullio puts on a fantastic event, showcasing many musical styles and he can really bring excitement to the crowd !  If you like the stylings of Frank Sinatra… Sit back, close your eyes and you would swear he’s right in front of you, he’s that good !!


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