OK – it’s Official !!!!

OK – it’s Official !!!!

The 501(c) (3) filing goal has been reached,

and filed today.


With our website now online, and will have periodic updates and endorsements throughout the next few months…

We now have as Board-members:

PROJECT PTSD’s board of directors includes:
·         Lawrence John, II  (San Bernardino, CA) – Founder and CEO
·         Andrew Linehan (Temecula, CA) – Legal Consultant
·         Jennifer McVey (Palm Springs, CA) – Strategic Business Consultant
·         Chris Serafin, MBA (Palm Springs, CA) – Social Media Strategist
·         Robin Ruggeri (Yucca Valley, CA) – Accounting Consultant
·         Bobby Weaver (Valencia, CA) – Logistics and Transportation Consultant
·         Alison Elsner (Palm Springs, CA) – Public Relations Consultant

(1) Psychologist

(1) Accountant (Intimately Familiar with 501(c)3 Accounting)

(1) Grant Researcher

(1) Grant Writer

(1) Logistics Manager

(1) Publisher

(1) Published Author

(1) Public Relations Expert

(1) Social Media Expert

and lastly…..

(1) with the Entrepreneurial Spirit and a deep heart-felt, burning desire to make a difference.

This began as a dream over lunch in September – And that dream is quickly becoming a reality.


ProjectPTSD! because, just one story can change a thousand lives !!

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