It has to start somewhere, why not with you?

Like all things that start with a grandious dream of being a worth-while venture.  We hit a big snag in the road when it came to funding the dream. I know you’re thinking “Say it isn’t so !…”  But it’s true.  By the time we got around to the “funding” subject matter in our lunch conversation, we had about 4 napkins and at the very least 7 notepad sheets filled with ideas.  

Seriously !  We had starting points and references, GANTT charts and Milestones for achievement, organizational structure and placement.  And then the question that just stops you cold in your tracks, comes out…  ”What do we do about funding?  How can we manage that…?

Well…  There are three roads at this point, that one can travel upon.  But there was a quote I remembered reading, and that I placed as the first sentence of the “Project PTSD” webpage of this website.  And that was On November 10, 2005, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs announced that “the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will not review the files of 72,000 veterans currently receiving disability compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder…”

That quote is important to me for several reasons, but for now I will give you just two.

  • “On November 10, 2005″
  • “the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will not review the files of 72,000 veterans currently receiving disability compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder…”

72,000 Veterans diagnosed with PTSD.  It doesn’t mention any treatment?  It just says the number 72,000.  Seventy-Two Thousand Veterans have PTSD in the year of 2005.  Today, in 2013, that number could have doubled, or God Forbid Tripled.

Imagine being able to submit to the library of Congress, Seventy-Two Thousand “NEW” books, written by Veterans explaining their battle or battles with PTSD.  How they were afflicted by the effects of this trauma, what they did, what they saw, and how they got PTSD.

What if…  Just one story, could change a thousand lives….?  

And here we are presented with the potential for Seventy-Two Thousand Stories.  And with the passages of time, perhaps even more.

I mentioned that there were three roads, three paths that could be made available to fund this project.  It could be all done with just one, or by combining those pathways.  But you have to start somewhere.

  1. Private Funding:  All operating expenses from our own pockets. 
  2. Grant funding and Donations:  All operating expenses coming from Grants, and Donations.  
  3. Venture Capital and Business Loans:  All operating expenses from business loans, coming from investors.

You may have noticed that the “Tiers of Financing Options” got longer with the options available to us.  That is not a fluke, or mistake of design.  ”Private Funding” while the selection with the least amount of perceivable “headaches” is just not an option when subjected to the scale of potential this project has.  Sure, I could devote every dollar I have to this project and 40 years later it could bring about some promise.  But the projected results of “Project PTSD” are need now, not 40 years down the road.

And that brings us to “Grant Funding and Donations” the Hallmark of a “not for profit” Corporation.  However, the deciding measure here is very strict.  Because you are not using just “your money.”  Your Corporation has to be a legal business entity, with board members and public accountability.  And all the funding that your Corporation brings in has to be dutifully accounted for and spent according to the design and business operating agreement of the Corporation.

The last one, “Venture Capital and Business Loans” really isn’t the correct way to go either.  A “Venture Capitalist” will present your business with the money needed to operate.  BUT, there is the very good likelihood  it will no longer be your business to control.  In return for their “Investment” a “Venture Capitalist” might want to place members upon your operating board to “oversee” your business operations.  They might as a condition of their “funding’, also want a controlling interest on your business.  And that’s because it’s their money.  You may take their money to follow your dream, and you may have to make your dream manageable by their rules, and the two just might not mix. In which case, since they assumed a controlling interest in your dream, it now becomes their dream, and your out of the picture. And that just might not be the best way to go either.

So we went with “Option B” – Grant Funding and Donations.  ”Project PTSD” is a 501(c)3 Corporation, with board-members who are more concerned with helping others, then helping their wallets.  Our board-members are pillars in their business communities, who have a strong desire to help our US Veterans. The hard part in all of this, was finding people who wanted to help and see this project through.  Not because they dreamed of public recognition or distinction.  But because they understand the character and quality of life that comes from helping someone.

I had previously mentioned that when I returned to the United States after serving in Desert Storm, I became a Police Officer in California.  Being a Police Officer was an awesome experience.  But it wasn’t about the badge or the gun that motivated me.  OK, I will admit that driving extremely fast, with the siren wailing and the lights flashing, was a really cool and motivating perk, but that wasn’t what drove me.  What did it for me was helping someone.  Now, there are all kinds of people who need help everyday.  But that’s not what I’m talking about here.  Every once in a while, you would get to help someone who really and truly needed it.  And you would come away from that encounter a changed person.  You just knew, instinctively, spiritually, and sometimes emotionally that you actually made a marked difference in someone’s life.  And because of that, your life and their life will have been changed for the better, forever.  And that is exactly what we endeavor to do.


“Just one story, could change a thousand lives…”


Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something that changed one life for the better, and in turn positively changed yet again, another life ?  This is not for just a select few, you too can be a part of this.  You can always donate, directly too our cause.  By clicking on the direct link.  

A donation of $25.00 will reward you with a “Project PTSD Sposnor” T-shirt.

A donation of $100.00 will reward you with an autographed book, by a Veteran participating in this project as they become available.

Everyone wants to be a part of something worthwhile, and who would’t want to be a part of this ?



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